What We Do

Domi laundry receives good review from bridal studio

Laundry Services

Come and get the very best in the wash and fold laundry service from the laundry and dry cleaning experts. Our service includes one-day or same-day laundry service and combining the excellence of our premium dry cleaning with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to customers in our service areas. We promise to deliver the ultimate convenience in laundry service and delivery. 

Our Laundry Clients include:

  • √ Bridal studio   
  • √ Daycare centers
  • √ Nail Salons      
  • √ Salons & Spa
  • √ Hotels & Motels  
  • √ Assisted Nursing Homes       
  • √ Restaurants and Caterer        
  • √ Religious Organizations           
  • √ Athletic Facilities / Gyms
Domi Laundry offers dry cleaning for bridal gowns to bridal studio in Selangor and KL

Dry Cleaning Services

We provide laundry cleaning and dry cleaning services according to the type of fabric and texture to clean them successfully without damaging them. 

We engage computerized cleaning machines to mix solvents and detergents according to the clothes’ delicacy. Dry cleaning is altogether different from laundry wash. We carry out dry cleaning by using highly advanced equipment. We wash the fabrics without using water by using the latest innovative technologies and certain special solvents according to the type of materials. We use the chemicals for dry cleaning, which help eliminate grease and stains from your clothes without using water. 

After applying chemicals, the clothes are tumbled in the washing machine by our professionals to wash them to eliminate the solvent, which is later on filtered and recycled. After cleaning the clothes, we put them into special dry cleaning machines to complete the process. Later on, we steam iron and fold them to get rid of the creases and prepare them to supply at your doorstep.